Trade Partners

New Leaf Woodworks creates beautiful, functional, and durable products using time-honored techniques. With staff trained at the North Bennet Street School and a fully equipped shop of over 3,000 sq. ft., we are ready to serve our customers and trade partners.

To Architects & Designers

New Leaf would love to assist you with the custom piece needed to complete your design. We have staff with over 20 years of architectural design experience and are always excited to collaborate on the finishing details. Custom furniture, doors, windows, cabinets, or built-ins are just the start of what New Leaf can add to your project!

To Builders & Contractors

New Leaf is happy to partner with you in whatever project scope meets your needs – from fully supplying the wood products for the job, to delivering specific elements to free-up your time and staff. Running custom molding on our shaper or punching mortises on our Bacci slot mortiser are just a couple examples of how we can speed up your delivery. We would love for you to tour our shop and discuss how we can help make your bid and project delivery a win!


(610) 450-6790